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Credit Card Processing

Acquiring Solutions Across Multiple Countries and Industries

Through our global network of credit card acquiring banks and payment service providers, we can offer you the best credit card processing solutions available for your online business.

With credit card processing there is no “one size fits all” solution, so depending on your particular business (startup or existing business, sales volume, type of product/service), we provide you the optimal path to acquire reliable credit card acceptance.

Global Acquiring Network

We work with acquirers in US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Get Approved Quickly!

We work with you to ensure your best chances of swift approval with our credit card acquirers.

Nearly All Industries

We offer solutions for nearly all legal industries provided they can meet the necessary requirements.

Gateway Integration

Once approved, we assist with the integration process between your web site and payment gateways.

The Onboarding Process
  1. Pre-Qualification: Get started with our pre-qualification form. Our in-house underwriting team uses this information to evaluate your business and web site URL (if applicable) to identify the best solutions for your needs.
  2. Merchant Application: Once pre-approved, we move forward with the merchant application process, which is distinct for each acquirer we have in our network.
  3. Approval and Integration: Once approval is secured with an acquirer and rates and terms are set, we work with you to get merchant agreements signed and integrate your business with payment gateways.
  4. Processing: Once you are successfully processing credit cards, we are always available to help you navigate the ins and outs of the specific acquiring solution.
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