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Local Payment Processing

Accept payments from customers globally with local payments


Accept checks online from your US customers

SEPA Direct Debit

Accept bank direct debit from customers in Europe

UnionPay cards

Accept UnionPay from Chinese customers

Latin America

Accept local payments from Latin American customers

Local Bank Transfers

Accept local bank transfers globally

Accept checks online from your US customers.

Merchants who add eChecks to their available methods of payment typically experience an increase of 10-20% in total sales from US customers. It’s a convenient, familiar, and easy way to pay for products and services online in the US. eCheck is a great option to offer if a credit card is rejected, and can be used with recurring billing merchants.

We work with payment service providers that can can provide eCheck acceptance for nearly all kinds of online merchants using both ACH and Check 21 (Image Cash Letter), helping to increase your sales and satisfy consumer demand.

Accept the most common form of online payment in Europe.

Our bank acquiring partners can facilitate direct debit acceptance service with multi-language payment forms for customers in all 34 SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countries, including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

Just like with eCheck in the US, the customer only needs to enter their bank information and the payment gateway debits their account. Recurring billing is available through this payment method.

Accept the most common form of online payment in China.

UnionPay is the largest card payment organization in the world, having surpassed both Visa and Mastercard in terms of payment transactions and cards issued. If your online business has or is planning to market to China then you have to accept UnionPay.

At IntegralPay we can help you set up a UnionPay merchant account as an international business.

Don't miss out on Latin America!

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce regions the world, but online credit card usage is still far behind North America and Europe. Many people don’t use traditional banks, and bank debit cards often cannot be used for international purchases.

At IntegralPay, we work with our bank acquiring partners to provide solutions tailored to individual markets, including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. We can help you accept local debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, and cash payments — without having to set up a full presence in each country.

Immediate Local Bank Transfers

At IntegralPay we help you set up options for local bank transfers, where you can accept payments through local banks throughout the world without having to set up presence in each country or region, including:

  • Direct Online Bank Transfers in Europe (Sofort) – no EU company or bank account required
  • Bank Transfers in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America
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