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What are ACH/Echecks?

ACH, an abbreviation for Automated Clearing House, constitutes an electronic payment system that empowers merchants to effortlessly withdraw funds from customers’ bank accounts. ACH transactions offer significant advantages, chiefly due to the absence of costly interchange fees commonly associated with credit card transactions. Moreover, the seamless process does away with the need for document exchanges or check numbers between customers and merchants, streamlining the payment experience. The adoption of ACH payment processing extends its benefits across all industries, mainly due to its invaluable attribute: providing a dependable, secure alternative when credit card transactions encounter obstacles, allowing the execution of payments through checks as a reliable recourse. Embracing ACH payment solutions thus serves as a prudent measure for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency and financial flexibility in their operations.

Echeck payments, along with ACH merchant accounts, empower businesses to conveniently debit customers’ bank accounts on a flexible basis, whether one-time or recurring. During checkout, customers input their bank routing and account numbers, replacing the need for card information. The processing of funds mirrors that of card payments, ensuring seamless settlement to the merchant’s bank account. This streamlined and secure payment method offers enhanced control and efficiency, presenting a valuable option for businesses seeking versatile and reliable payment processing solutions.


Advantages to your Business

Boost Sales

In specific high-risk industries, numerous customers lack ready access to credit or debit cards. However, a larger percentage has bank accounts, making ACH processing with routing and account numbers an expedient purchase option for a broader demographic, including older and lower-income consumers.

Competitive Advantage

Offering ACH processing caters to customer preferences and easy bank account access, granting a competitive edge over industry peers with limited payment options. Additionally, the eco-friendly, paperless nature appeals to environmentally conscious clientele.

Lower fees for ACH processing

Utilizing ACH incurs fixed transaction fees, making it advantageous for recurring payments and high-value sales. This cost-effective solution benefits high-risk industries by offsetting payment-related expenses.

Lower Fraud and Chargeback disputes

Electronic checks offer superior fraud protections compared to traditional checks. IntegralPay employs advanced measures to detect and decline potential fraud, resulting in fewer hassles and bank fees, simultaneously lowering chargeback disputes as well.

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