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SEPA Instant Processing

What is SEPA Instant?

The introduction of the European SEPA SCT instant system marks a significant step towards establishing instantaneous, international payment services among participating banks. European businesses now have the capability to accept both one-time and recurring payments through SEPA Instant from their customers, with settlements directly processed into their European bank accounts.

This eliminates the need for businesses to manage multiple individual bank accounts to facilitate cross-border transactions, streamlining the payment process considerably. Moreover, with SEPA Instant, businesses can receive foreign currency payments with real-time conversion rates, enhancing transparency in financial transactions.

SEPA Instant credit transfer is not only beneficial for person-to-person transactions but also for person-to-business payments across various sectors and industries.

Our SEPA Instant Solution:

Receive funds directly to your business account

No % on turnover, pay only 0,29 € per transaction

No settlement period - receive funds instantly

No holdback reserves

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    Why you should apply for a SEPA Instant Merchant Account



    SEPA Instant payments can be initiated regardless of the payment provider’s clearing or settlement arrangements. Nevertheless, for transactions to be successfully processed, it’s necessary for both the sending and receiving banks to support SEPA Instant.



    Instant payments must occur instantly and be available 24/7, ensuring continuous access to payment systems beyond regular business hours throughout the year. This is particularly advantageous for companies operating extended hours, including night shifts or weekends.



    Conventional transfers may require up to three days for delivery, whereas SEPA Instant ensures that over 99% of transactions are finalized in under five seconds. Consequently, this eliminates scenarios where, for instance, a manufacturer would need to postpone work orders for three days.

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