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MLM Merchant Account

What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

MLM merchants operate distinctively from traditional retailers, relying on independent distributors for product marketing and sales. Operating without storefronts or e-commerce platforms, these distributors utilize personal websites and sales events. MLM’s structure involves recruiting distributors who earn commissions on their sales and a percentage of their recruits’ sales. Due to this model, many MLM companies face scrutiny, often being labeled as pyramid schemes. Traditional banks and merchant account providers categorize them as high-risk due to the industry’s history of fraudulent practices, such as misleading distributors into paying steep start-up fees for low-quality or non-existent services. Click here to learn the difference between a pyramid scheme and MLM business.

Why MLM merchants need to apply for a Merchant Account


MLMs are High-Risk

Given the prevalence of scams in the MLM industry, tarnishing its reputation, standard payment processors and affiliated banks tend to avoid MLM-like entities. Hence, merchants in the MLM sector find it crucial to secure specialized MLM merchant accounts.

Increase Security

Chargebacks pose a significant challenge in obtaining merchant accounts for multilevel marketing. The transient nature of the industry, marked by sudden business closures, leads to an influx of refund requests. To mitigate the risk of excessive chargebacks and potential legal consequences, many banks and low-to-moderate-risk payment processors are reluctant to engage with multilevel marketing businesses. Find out more about chargeback prevention here.


Increased Customer Service

MLM companies that prioritize quality products and strategic recruitment can experience rapid growth. Our commitment extends beyond just providing payment processing services — our dedicated customer support is here to assist you at every stage of your business expansion. By choosing Integralpay, merchants benefit from not only reliable payment processing but also a responsive and knowledgeable support team ready to address their evolving needs and challenges.

Are you Eligible for an MLM Merchant Account?

IntegralPay tries to be as flexible as possible with our clients. We consider each application based on the circumstances of the business owner. You will receive fair treatment throughout the review process.

Do you have questions about our review process and merchant account eligibility requirements? If so, contact our team to have all your questions answered.

Supporting Documents Checklist

  1. Drivers License or Government Issued Photo ID
  2. Document showing Proof of Company Registration (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, ETC)
  3. Voided Check/Bank Letter
  4. 3 Months Bank Statements
  5. 3 Months Processing Statements (if available)
  6. Articles of Incorporation
  7. Fulfillment Agreement (if applicable)

Get Started today with three easy steps


Apply Now

✓ Fill out our quick and simple MLM application
✓ Securely upload any supporting documents


Get Approved

✓ Our trained professionals identify the best payment solutions for your MLM business
✓ We work with our bank acquiring partners to secure a speedy approval for your MLM merchant account


Start Processing

✓ Our technical team helps with payment gateway integration and initial testing
✓ Our premium accounts supports team takes care of you as you grow your MLM business

Ready to Grow your MLM Business?

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