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Online Pharmacy Merchant Account

What is an Online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacies operating online require robust financial services for payment processing, given the increasing trend towards online purchases. However, securing reliable and affordable merchant services has proven challenging due to stringent regulations and restrictions. Many in the industry have turned to echeck payment processing services due to the scarcity of accessible merchant accounts.

A common approach for online pharmacies is to utilize aggregated merchant accounts, akin to eWallet systems like Stripe, to blend transactions and remain relatively inconspicuous. Although this method may extend operational longevity compared to dedicated merchant accounts, it comes with significantly higher costs and delayed payouts. Nonetheless, for some businesses, it remains the most practical solution available.

Why Online Pharmacy Merchants need to apply for a Merchant Account


High Risk Concerns

Merchants and payment processors encounter concerns and hurdles when dealing with the sale of diverse pharmaceutical drugs. Among the prevalent challenges observed during the underwriting of online pharmacy merchant account applications are chargebacks, violations, and TMFs.


Online Pharmacies face high merchant fees

Online pharmacy businesses encounter elevated costs, largely due to being classified as higher-risk merchants. This classification substantially inflates the expenses associated with payment solutions.



Compliant with regulations

In order to get a merchant account, you must get certified as a legitimate provider by an accreditation program such as LegitScript or NABP. This tells card networks such as Visa that your online pharmacy has been reviewed and certified to be operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Are you Eligible for an Online Pharmacy Account?

IntegralPay tries to be as flexible as possible with our clients. We consider each application based on the circumstances of the business owner. You will receive fair treatment throughout the review process.

Do you have questions about our review process and merchant account eligibility requirements? If so, contact our team to have all your questions answered.

Supporting Documents Checklist

  1. Drivers License or Government Issued Photo ID
  2. Document showing Proof of Company Registration (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, ETC)
  3. Voided Check/Bank Letter
  4. 3 Months Bank Statements
  5. 3 Months Processing Statements (if available)
  6. Articles of Incorporation
  7. Fulfillment Agreement
  8. Compliant Website
  9. Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Online Pharmacy

Additional Requirements

Merchant accounts for this business category are only available for merchants based in the United States

Get Started today with three easy steps


Apply Now

✓ Fill out our quick and simple Online Pharmacy application
✓ Securely upload any supporting documents


Get Approved

✓ Our trained professionals identify the best payment solutions for your Online Pharmacy business
✓ We work with our bank acquiring partners to secure a speedy approval for your Online Pharmacy merchant account


Start Processing

✓ Our technical team helps with payment gateway integration and initial testing
✓ Our premium accounts supports team takes care of you as you grow your Online Pharmacy business

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