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Nutraceutical Merchant Account

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are items with health claims that might not be supported by the government or professional medical organizations. This covers vitamins, creams, diet items, and even supplements. It can also be described as a food or component of a food that supposedly has therapeutic or health advantages. Over the past decade, many nutritional and health conscious nutraceutical companies have emerged to provide and supply the demand for these supplements. Nutraceuticals, unlike many other segments of the healthcare industry, have little government regulation and oversight. As a result, many different manufacturers have taken advantage and sold products and companies, often affiliate marketing websites, selling them under false pretenses and presenting their products as fraudulent. These issues tarnished the industry’s reputation and labeled it as high risk among payment processors, making it difficult for online food retailers to find credit card processing.

Why Nutraceutical Merchants need to apply for a Merchant Account


Nutraceuticals Market is Growing

High risk nutraceutical merchant accounts are in high demand for payment processing. The market for nutraceuticals, sometimes known as “nutra,” is expanding both domestically and internationally. In the United States, about 75% of adults take some form of dietary supplement; 10 percent over the past 10 years, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition. With more than $60 billion in annual revenue, the nutrition market is expected to surpass $100 billion by 2024.


Nutraceuticals are High Risk

Credit card processors believe that Nutra merchant accounts are high-risk businesses. The difficulty in getting account authorization with many banks for high-risk nutraceutical merchants in this sector forces them to look for a high-risk credit card processor. Here at Integral Pay, we have have a superior amount of knowledge on Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts and will work with our bank acquiring partners to give you the best solutions for your business.


High number of Chargebacks

Many merchant accounts for nutraceuticals use a continuity-based subscription model to operate. Frequently, these billing structures provide a free trial period or a low introduction fee before rebilling customers at considerably higher rates. Some customers may be shocked by this and decide to dispute the charge directly with their bank rather than starting by calling the retailer resulting in a high number of chargebacks. Click here to learn more about chargebacks.

Are you Eligible for a Nutraceutical Merchant Account?

IntegralPay tries to be as flexible as possible with our clients. We consider each application based on the circumstances of the business owner. You will receive fair treatment throughout the review process.

Do you have questions about our review process and merchant account eligibility requirements? If so, contact our team to have all your questions answered.

Supporting Documents Checklist

  1. Drivers License or Government Issued Photo ID
  2. Document showing Proof of Company Registration (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, ETC)
  3. Voided Check/Bank Letter
  4. 3 Months Bank Statements
  5. 3 Months Processing Statements (if available)
  6. Articles of Incorporation
  7. Fulfillment Agreement

Get Started today with three easy steps


Apply Now

✓ Fill out our quick and simple Nutraceutical application
✓ Securely upload any supporting documents


Get Approved

✓ Our trained professionals identify the best payment solutions for your Nutraceutical business
✓ We work with our bank acquiring partners to secure a speedy approval for your Nutraceutical merchant account


Start Processing

✓ Our technical team helps with payment gateway integration and initial testing
✓ Our premium accounts supports team takes care of you as you grow your Nutraceutical business

Ready to Grow your Nutraceutical Business?

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