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E-Commerce Merchant Account

What is an E-Commerce Merchant Account?

The sale of goods and services has changed as a result of eCommerce’s explosive expansion. Online shopping is done by around 2 billion people, or 25% of the world’s population. 14% of all retail sales already involve payments made through e-commerce.

The specialized bank account that enables you to accept and handle credit card transactions from online customers is known as an e-commerce merchant account. When a consumer makes a purchase on your website, the money is transferred from their bank account into your merchant account through a secure payment gateway.

Online merchants can take credit and debit card payments with the help of ecommerce merchant accounts. Including other payment options is frequently done as a quick and easy strategy to boost sales. The more payment options you offer, the more sales you make.

Why E-Commerce Merchants need to apply for a Merchant Account


Increased online presence

Since the early 1990s we see a boom of online businesses that is growing exponentially and recent study conducted estimates that 95% of all purchases will be made online by the year 2040. This estimate is influencing businesses to increase their online presence to reach more customers. With the help of our bank acquiring partners, we can assist you in growing your online business and expanding your growth opportunities.


Multiple payment methods

Convenience is a factor which drives everyday customers, therefore, it is beneficial for your business to offer a variety of payment methods to increase convenience for your customers. We see a rise in digital payment companies which offer a fee that quickly add up when offering your customers various options. Using a merchant account provider can help you manage these fees and reduce your overall costs.


Increase Security

Security is a key factor that your customers expect in processing payments on your online business. Having an e-commerce merchant account allows you and your customers to safely and accurately process payments to maintain PCI compliance. Click Here to learn how to reduce fraud in your e-commerce business.

Are you Eligible for an E-commerce Merchant Account?

IntegralPay tries to be as flexible as possible with our clients. We consider each application based on the circumstances of the business owner. You will receive fair treatment throughout the review process.

Do you have questions about our review process and merchant account eligibility requirements? If so, contact our team to have all your questions answered.

Supporting Documents Checklist

  1. Drivers License or Government Issued Photo ID
  2. Document showing Proof of Company Registration (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, ETC)
  3. Voided Check/Bank Letter
  4. 3 Months Bank Statements
  5. 3 Months Processing Statements (if available)
  6. Articles of Incorporation
  7. Fulfillment Agreement (if applicable)

Get Started today with three easy steps


Apply Now

✓ Fill out our quick and simple e-commerce application
✓ Securely upload any supporting documents


Get Approved

✓ Our trained professionals identify the best payment solutions for your e-commerce business
✓ We work with our bank acquiring partners to secure a speedy approval for your e-commerce merchant account


Start Processing

✓ Our technical team helps with payment gateway integration and initial testing
✓ Our premium accounts supports team takes care of you as you grow your e-commerce business

Ready to Grow your E-Commerce Business?

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