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Benefit your business with
Dual Pricing

Programs designed to save you money and follow the proper rules.

What is Dual Pricing?

A method for merchant processing called dual pricing enables firms to accept credit cards for much less money, or even free of charge. Customers who choose to pay using credit cards incur an additional fee to cover the processing costs associated with providing merchant services on behalf of the company. Customers who want rewards from their banks must pay the extra costs. Dual pricing was introduced previously in the the credit card processing industry and is now more readily available to organizations as a result of technological advancements and increased processing cost transparency.

How does Dual Pricing Work?

You, the merchant, determine how much the cash value for each product or service you provide on your pricing list. If you add an additional 4% to your cash value that will then be your credit price which can be done by your POS system. This difference between the credit and cash price alleviates the costs for the business owner’s processing and program fees. At the point of checkout for your customers, your POS system keeps track of the total cash and credit value. When your customers chooses an option, the POS system then prints the itemized receipt with the corresponding prices.

Applicable to all business Types!

Many businesses don’t consider dual pricing methods because they assume it is not applicable for their business. These include high risk businesses, eCommerce businesses, and growing businesses. These companies also believe that it is impossible to find a payment solution or POS system that they can trust or that will allow them to execute a dual pricing program.

However, this is completely not true! Regardless of your industry, the level of risk with your business, and the stage of growth within your business, there is always a solution. Here at IntegralPay, we provide expert knowledge to find the right solution tailored to your business. Our professional’s are trained to handle medium to high-risk businesses and will get in touch with you as soon as possible! Get in touch with one of our trained professionals now.

Benefits of Dual Pricing
Benefits for your Business

Competitive advantage over aggressive rivals by making your goods and services more affordable. Dual pricing strategy tailored to your business.


Don’t worry about increasing price of receiving payments. Profits will remain the same as though these transactions were made in cash.


POS system will calculate the different between cash and credit card transactions, re-routing it to the credit card processor which eliminates your monthly processing fees.

Benefits for Consumers

Offering Customers a cash or credit price enables your business to further offer low prices and keep your overhead low, increasing your satisfaction level.


Customers love being provided an option to pay cash or card and receive a cash price discount.


Avoid setting higher prices to hide transaction costs for your merchant service, these costs are charged to consumers in exchange for rewards from their bank. Win, Win!

Keep 100% of your sale with Dual Pricing!

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