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Merchant Account

We are devoted to assisting healthcare organizations with payment management. With the help of our bank acquiring partners, we can guide you towards frictionless payment choices with years of industry experience in the healthcare collections market to boost revenue and effectiveness.

The impact we can have on your success

Our certified team of professionals with with bank acquiring partners to provide flexible solutions that simplify payments and revenue cycle management for healthcare providers and payers. Specifically designed for the healthcare industry, our professionals improve your merchant experience by offering meaningful financial engagement and diverse payment options. We prioritize security and compliance, adhering to industry standards for healthcare and payment transactions. As a trusted leader, we are dedicated to excellence and innovation. By partnering with us, you gain access to transformative tools that streamline financial interactions, fostering efficiency, transparency, and improved healthcare financial management. Join us in unlocking the true potential of healthcare finance.

Exceptionally low transaction fees, guaranteed
Personalized assistance and dedicated customer support
Full HIPAA and PCI-compliant security

Why Healthcare Merchants need to apply for a Merchant Account


Minimize Chargebacks

Minimizing chargebacks is vital for healthcare merchants to maintain a healthy merchant account. Medical chargebacks not only incur substantial costs but can also lead to increased fees from payment processors. By effectively managing chargebacks, you ensure the longevity of your account, prevent additional expenses, and avoid potential account closure.


Enhance Security

Given HIPAA’s regulation of medical-related operations, security emerges as a paramount concern. Data breaches can inflict severe damage on acquiring banks and medical enterprises, making robust security measures imperative.


Big Ticket Transactions

Medical purchases frequently exceed $50 per transaction, carrying inherent expense. High-value transactions pose greater risks involving chargebacks and fraudulent activities. Consequently, many banks opt to abstain from collaborating with medical merchants, given these concerns.

Get Started today with three easy steps


Apply Now

✓ Fill out our quick and simple Healthcare application
✓ Securely upload any supporting documents


Get Approved

✓ Our trained professionals identify the best payment solutions for your Healthcare business
✓ We work with our bank acquiring partners to secure a speedy approval for your Healthcare merchant account


Start Processing

✓ Our technical team helps with payment gateway integration and initial testing
✓ Our premium accounts supports team takes care of you as you grow your Healthcare business

Ready to Grow your Healthcare Business?

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