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ACH Payment Processing

ACH Payment Processing for E-Commerce

In the e-commerce world, companies are familiar with taking payments by credit card. Most companies with US-based customers are ignoring the advantage of another fast-growing choice: ACH payment processing, a type of electronic check payment.

ACH payments are picking up steam as same-day ACH is becoming more the norm. This has opened the doors for companies to profit with the new innovations in this payment method.

Advantages of ACH Payments

Lower Transaction Fees

The undeniable advantage of ACH payment processing is the lower transaction cost. Compared to credit card payments, as an e-commerce merchant you can get much lower rates, and often times just a set transaction fee for low-risk merchants.

Convenient Payments

ACH payment processing is convenient for US customers. They’re familiar with the payment information (routing number, bank account number) and have them easily available from their online banking or checkbook.

For merchants who need rebilling transactions, ACH payments are ideal, and can be automated.

ACH Payment Processing is Fast

Most ACH payment providers will pay out to merchant quicker than credit cards. In addition, ACH payments can’t be contested as effectively as credit cards, reducing the chargeback burden, especially with friendly fraud.

IntegralPay’s Suite of Solutions

At IntegralPay we have a variety of ACH and eCheck solutions in our network that can meet your needs. Even if your business is based outside of the US, or considered high risk by payment providers, we have options for you to accept these payments.

Get started with our pre-qualification form now, or contact us now for further information.

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