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Cbd Merchant Account

CBD Merchant Account Approvals

Are you looking for a CBD merchant account, or looking for a better deal for CBD processing? Most states now allow CBD products for sale, including oils, isolates, wax, crystals and capsules. You may be in for a few surprises with your growing business. As your business has grown you’ve realized your company needs a reliable CBD merchant account for managing debit and credit cards.

Getting Approved Is Easier Than You Think

To compete in the CBD industry you need to keep your customers satisfied, and to do that you must be able to accept credit cards online reliably and with low decline rates. Using IntegralPay as your CBD merchant account solution, you can get all your CBD payment processing needs met. You can also expect IntegralPay to fairly offer these solutions to your business with no bias.

At IntegralPay we don’t assign risk values, nor do we label your business. We accept and welcome your merchant account as a legitimate business in a high demand vertical with customers that need accessible options for paying by credit card online.

We have processing options available that other companies can’t offer because of our partnerships with a vast network of payment providers and acquiring banks. Our company understands the CBD industry, and therefore we can help grow your business and meet all of its transaction processing needs.

Why Choose Our CBD Merchant Account Services?

At IntegralPay, we have the edge over our competitors with:

  • Industry experience
  • Transparent rates and fees
  • Quick setup – we can set up some merchants in under a week!
  • CBD solutions available for both US and international merchants
  • Startup merchant account available
  • Shopping cart and POS/terminal integration
  • Rates less than half of what other competitors are processing transactions

We take pride in offering you quality payment processing options. There is complete transparency. We also strive to provide you with low decline rates. All of these features put us ahead of our competitors.

Start Today!

As with any other new industry this market is “high risk”, but here at IntegralPay we see the potential in this industry and want to help you gain access to customers who want a seamless experience when buying CBD online.

Find out how IntegralPay’s vast network of payment processing options can turn your burgeoning CBD business into a runaway success!

Get started with our pre-qualification form now, or contact us now for further information.

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    1. Hi Raul,
      Pricing for CBD merchant accounts depends on various factors (US or international, startup or existing business with processing history, projected volume, retail/POS or online sales). To find out pricing for your specific case please fill out our pre-qualification form and we’ll be glad to help. Thank you!

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