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    Standard Merchant KYC Document Requirements

    • Certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association or equivalent (scan)

    • Government-issued photo ID (DL, Passport) of director(s) and beneficial owner(s) (scans)

    • Proof of residential address (utility bill, bank statement, etc within the last 3 months) of director(s) and beneficial owner(s) (scans)

    • Proof of business trading address (utility bill within the last 3 months, lease agreement for office, etc.) (scans)

    • Last 3 months bank statements for the entity applying for merchant account (scans) - if bank account is more recent, provide what is available since opening

    • Voided check -or- bank letter for company bank account (scan)

    • Proof of domain ownership (domain registrar invoice, or screenshots of registrar admin dashboard)

    • USA ONLY: EIN letter -or- W-9 request form (scans)

    • STARTUPS: Completed business and marketing plan executive summary

    • EXISTING BUSINESS: 6 months processing statements (or as much as is available), preferably monthly summary reports showing month-by-month summaries of sales, refunds and chargebacks, in either scanned paper statements, PDFs, or screenshots of merchant dashboard (Excel or other soft copy formats are not accepted)

    Allowed file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, ZIP

    Maximum file size: 10MB per file

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