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Ethoca Consumer Clarity

Enhance Payment Insights with Ethoca Consumer Clarity

Ethoca Consumer Clarity is a powerful consumer verification service designed to enhance payment insights and prevent online fraud. It offers a comprehensive solution for merchants and financial institutions, providing rich merchant and purchase information to cardholders and back-office staff.

With Consumer Clarity, cardholders can access detailed transaction data within their bank apps, including clear merchant names, logos, geolocation data, fully itemized receipts, and subscription controls. This helps reduce confusion and friendly fraud disputes, while improving the overall customer experience.

By connecting merchants and issuers, Consumer Clarity enables better communication and transparency in digital commerce, reducing the chance of false declines and chargebacks. It empowers businesses to optimize their digital offerings, resulting in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ethoca Consumer Clarity is a consumer verification service.
  • It provides rich merchant and purchase information to cardholders and financial institutions.
  • Consumer Clarity helps reduce confusion and friendly fraud disputes.
  • It enables businesses to optimize their digital offerings and increase revenue.
  • Consumer Clarity improves the overall customer experience in digital commerce.

Features and Benefits of Ethoca Consumer Clarity

Consumer Clarity offers a range of features and benefits that enhance digital commerce and address key challenges faced by merchants and card issuers. By leveraging transaction data analysis, this powerful tool enables streamlined processes and improved customer experiences. Let’s explore some of the key features and benefits of Consumer Clarity:

1. Detailed Merchant and Purchase Information

With Consumer Clarity, cardholders gain access to comprehensive merchant and purchase details through their digital banking channels. This eliminates transaction confusion and provides transparency, empowering customers to make informed decisions. The enriched transaction data, digital receipts, and clear merchant contact information contribute to a seamless and secure online shopping experience.

2. Reduction in Chargebacks

One of the significant benefits of Consumer Clarity is the reduction in unnecessary chargebacks. Card issuer agents can review the detailed information provided by Consumer Clarity, reassuring cardholders about the legitimacy of their transactions. By addressing customer concerns promptly, merchants can mitigate chargebacks caused by misunderstandings, thus reducing both financial losses and reputational damage.

3. Enhanced Dispute Resolution and Fraud Prevention

Consumer Clarity empowers merchants to efficiently resolve disputes by providing them with the tools and information necessary to analyze transaction data. By having access to in-depth purchase details, such as fully itemized receipts, merchants can identify and address potential issues more effectively. This proactive approach helps reduce friendly fraud and strengthens fraud prevention measures, resulting in increased security and trust for both merchants and customers.

4. Optimization of Digital Offerings

Consumer Clarity enables businesses to optimize their digital offerings based on transaction data analysis. By understanding customer preferences and behaviors, merchants can tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to better fulfill customer needs. This personalized approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also leads to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

In conclusion, Consumer Clarity offers a comprehensive suite of features and benefits that address the challenges faced in digital commerce. By providing detailed merchant and purchase information, reducing chargebacks, enhancing dispute resolution, and enabling optimization of digital offerings, Consumer Clarity brings value to both merchants and customers. Incorporating this powerful tool into your business processes can not only improve financial performance but also elevate the overall customer experience.

Scale and Reach of Ethoca Consumer Clarity

Consumer Clarity harnesses the immense scale and reach of Mastercard’s global payment network, providing real-time fraud detection, enhanced merchant risk management, and improved customer authentication. With access to enriched transaction information from over 145 million merchant locations in more than 200 countries, Consumer Clarity offers businesses a powerful solution to combat online fraud and optimize their operations.

By leveraging the growing list of digital receipt participants, Consumer Clarity enables businesses to make a wide range of experience and cost-saving improvements. This comprehensive approach allows for better fraud monitoring and prevention, mitigating risks associated with fraudulent transactions.

With real-time fraud detection capabilities, businesses can identify and address suspicious activities promptly. Consumer Clarity enhances merchant risk management by providing valuable insights into transaction patterns and behaviors, empowering businesses to make informed decisions to protect themselves and their customers.

Moreover, Consumer Clarity improves customer authentication, ensuring that transactions are legitimate and secure. By sharing purchase information across multiple channels, Consumer Clarity helps eliminate chargebacks and friendly fraud claims, while instilling confidence in the overall payment process.

Consumer Clarity is an essential tool for businesses operating in the digital realm. Its comprehensive features and global reach allow merchants to combat fraud effectively, manage risks, and provide secure and seamless experiences for their customers.


Ethoca Consumer Clarity is an invaluable tool for enhancing the customer experience in the world of digital commerce while preventing online fraud. By providing detailed information about merchants and purchases to both cardholders and financial institutions, Consumer Clarity eliminates transaction confusion and reduces the occurrence of chargebacks. This not only protects businesses from fraudulent activities but also improves customer authentication.

One of the key strengths of Consumer Clarity is its scalability and global reach. With access to over 145 million merchant locations in more than 200 countries through Mastercard’s global payment network, it offers a comprehensive solution for merchants and financial institutions worldwide. As digital commerce continues to dominate the market, the need for online fraud prevention and seamless customer experiences becomes even more crucial.

By leveraging Consumer Clarity, businesses can gain valuable insights into payment transactions, combat online fraud effectively, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Whether it’s reducing the risk of chargebacks, improving customer authentication, or enhancing merchant risk management, Consumer Clarity empowers businesses to stay ahead in the digital commerce landscape.

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